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17tH International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology  


Victimisation in a digital world: responding to and connecting with victims

Donostia / San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain)

5-9 June 2022

Note from the Basque Society of Victimology:

Having fulfilled its mission, this website will permanently disappear on December 9, 2023.

The open city

This open city, purely conceived.

This city not given, but simply human.

This city that always wished to be

without walls.

And that accepts everything and is

beautiful for nothing.

Gabriel Celaya, San Sebastián (1989)

Fondo abstracto

Certification of academic training: 50 hours

to 17th International Syposium of de World Society of Victimology


This Symposium will bring together professionals, researchers, policymakers, students, activists, and volunteers from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds.


In 2022 this international and interdisciplinary event will focus on the identification, prevention, investigation, prosecution, and socio-legal and psychological responses to victimisation in a digital world.

Together with cyber victimisation, classical and contemporary topics in Victimology will also be discussed, thus anyone interested in Victimology, digitalisation or human rights issues is welcome to participate in this unique triannual encounter.




Contemporary Perspectives of Victimology

  • Explanations/Theories of victimisation

  • Types of victimisation

  • Victims and the criminal justice processes

  • Restorative justice     

  • Transitional justice

  • Abuse of power

  • Victim services

  • Victims of Environmental injustice

  • Victims of transnational crimes

  • Victimological impact and consequences of COVID-19 


Patterns of Digital Victimisation

  • Violent and sexual forms of victimisation

  • Financial forms of victimisation

  • Digital poly-victimisation

  • Cyber warfare and cyber terrorism: Victimological perspectives


Effects/Impact of Digital victimisation

  • Emotional/psychological impact

  • Trauma of digital victimisation

  • Trauma in victims of digital terrorism

  • Financial and social impact


Research, Theory, and Practice in Digital Age

  • Theoretical perspectives in Victimology

  • Research methodologies in Victimology

  • Technological approaches to victimological research

  • Intervention approaches in Victimology


Criminal Justice and Legal Responses

  • Investigation of digital crime

  • Combating digital crimes and victimisation

  • Digital responses to crime and victimisation

  • Ethical considerations for safeguarding victim rights in a digital world



Useful information


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